Steve playing with his guitar

Blessed with one of the most creative comic muses seen since Vlad the Impaler’s immortal stand up tour of 1458 Steve Amos spent many of his formative and uninformative years in the finance industry which has inspired none of his songs. Since retiring from finance he has become one of the foremost singer/songwriters of his generation, most of whom are no longer with us. Steve discovered his gift for songwriting late in life but has made up for this late start by writing hundreds of songs (sometimes as many as 20 a day) all of which are masterpieces.

Steve’s first CD, imaginatively entitled “Old Dog New Trick” was produced and sold to raise funds for the local hospice. The Album was played once at the hospice itself but its effect was so dramatic that this has not been repeated. Copies of the CD have even been recycled through other Charity Shops proving how successful the whole thing was.

You can now cringe to a sample of his work on YouTube! This particular one was described as "blasphemous ". Steve took enormous comfort from that.

Following the unprecedented success of this first CD hundreds of copies of which are still available, the record buying public was forced to ask, “How can he follow this?” Sophisticates from the world of art and culture were at a loss to imagine how he could possibly maintain, much less improve on, the quality of the debut album. The general consensus of opinion was that he could have peaked too early. ( A common complaint)

Steve answered these doubters in 2008 by releasing a second CD called “White Van Man” with 14 tracks covering such controversial subject matter as airline safety instructions, penguins, political correctness, bankers, infidelity and unpleasant diseases. The music industry raved about the production and sales of the CD were phenomenal, surpassed only by returns.

After this success it was only fair, for health and safety reasons, to take a break from recording and Steve has been concentrating on writing and performing new material. As before no subject matter has been immune to his mordant wit, no matter how tasteless.

Steve is nevertheless always mindful of his adoring fans (both of them) and has been persuaded to record a new CD. This has just been released and is a selection of love and other songs. The album is entitled “Poignant yet Tasteless “ - and it is. Subjects this time include hangovers, prison love, the benefits of eating roadkill and an especially beautiful children’s lullaby, guaranteed to make even the most insomniac of offspring comatose. This album was longer in the making than the earlier masterpieces, taking over three hours to record and once again critics are expected to rave about it – if they receive a sufficiently large financial incentive. Local radio stations have been clamouring for copies and may even play some of the tracks. Steve has even gone to the trouble of posting three of the songs from the album on Youtube and a link can be found elsewhere on this website.

Despite his rise to stardom (in his eyes at least) Steve’s philosophy on life still remains ambivalent, although money driven. At a recent press conference he expressed his fundamental belief that only through songs and music can disease, poverty and injustice be eliminated although medicine, economic stability and a good quality legal system also help a bit. He was however ejected from the press conference by some of Ronan Keating’s bodyguards shortly after expressing these views and a few opinions about Ronan also.

Steve playing

He is still churning out new material at machine gun pace but has abandoned his magnum opus, a musical based on the life of Osama Bin Laden as he was unhappy with the ending.

Steve is currently living in a small padded room, although he prefers the term insulated, not far from the centre of the earth. He can be reached by e-mail (see contact details) and can be hired for a relatively modest sum. His genre of music is particularly applicable to those situations where removal of unwanted guests is a priority and he has been known to empty even large venues faster than a monkey with a loaded gun. You can sample a lullaby of his on YouTube, if you feel strong enough!