STEVE AMOS is a brilliant comedy singer/songwriter based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Since retiring from the finance industry some 14 years ago Steve has turned his hand to writing comedy songs and has written over 150 masterpieces. His musical tastes are eclectic and he is willing to steal from, sorry adapt, all types of musical genres. He will parody and satirise any type of music and many artists. Country music in particular is one of his prime targets. He does write songs which truly capture the spirit of country music (based on such themes as truckers, murder, misogeny, and discrimination of all types) but with added benefits in that the songs are tuneful, grammatical and rhyme where they are supposed to.

“Subtlety” would not be a word used to describe Steve’s approach to songwriting. He is never reticent in flogging dead horses or kicking people when they are down. No fruit hangs too low, no stone will be unturned and no turn unstoned. He is always happy to attack vulnerable targets and he rarely makes a point that is not already glaringly obvious. If there are certain types of music which you hold sacrosanct let him know before the show and he will do his best to give them the benefit of his idiosyncratic approach. If,  at the end of a show you feel that he has overstepped the mark please let him know as he will consider this to be an achievement of his personal goal.

He has recorded four CDs, all masterpieces, whose sales have only been exceeded by returns and his stage act leaves little to the imagination. He will travel to engagements anywhere in the UK, Ireland or Europe. His specialism is small group situations, such as after-dinner, corporate events and parties. Language is no barrier as he can offend people merely by standing still.

Steve’s masterful wordplay has been compared to Goethe, Proust and Cervantes – in fact to many great authors who wrote in languages other than English.

Here are just a few of the comments made about his work:

“Brilliantly constructed. Will last forever” – MFI Music Critic

“Songs for every occasion” – Undertaking for Beginners

“Fantastic. Original. Creative” – Plagiarists Weekly

“As a singer songwriter Steve is an above average dominos player” – Stonemason and Cattle Rustling Gazette

” Steve is one of the greatest left handed guitar players ever – too bad he plays right handed” – Ambidextrous Monthly

Steve can be contacted at :     steve@amosconsultants.com

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